This is my first blog discussing Passover 2020 and sharing with you some great tips how to enjoy this hectic and busy time of the year.

On my 2nd Passover blog I am going to share with you all about the remarkable places that you can visit and things you can do during the holiday.

Passover in Israel is one of the busiest times and an important event in the Jewish calendar.

The first and last days of Passover are considered as Holy days in Israel and the Chol Hamoed (the middle of the holiday where most people have vacation from work and school) is a great time for a vacation or a trip.

Passover will begin in the evening of

Wednesday 8.4.20 and will end on Wednesday April 15th.

Israelis are celebrating only one Seder on the evening of the first day of Passover!

Here are some great tips how to “survive” Passover:

  • The first and last days of Passover are Holy days. There is no public transportation. My suggestion is, if you don’t have a car, plan your staying close to the main cities or to an area that has trails and nature to hike. Passover is a popular time to visit Israel, so the transportation may be more crowded than usual.

  • Throughout the holiday, most of the restaurants will not serve leavened food such as: bread, pasta and pastries. The food will be prepared with a Matza and other Kosher ingredients that were made especially just for this holiday.

  • Try to book your hotels early as possible. Thousands of Jews are coming to Israel on Passover, therefore most of hotels are booked up quickly long time in advance and last-minute bookings are going to be quite expensive, if at all.

  • Going to the Israeli supermarket, you might find that few days before Passover the store has covered or blocked off most of its shelves, leaving only kosher-for-Passover items on view.

  • If you don’t keep Kosher you can buy groceries in towns with large Arab populations (Jaffa, Haifa, Akko and Nazareth).

  • The weather is changing during Passover: It means dry, hot windy weather known as “Hamsin”. Make sure to pack water bottles, sunglasses and sunscreen.

More tips will come up soon.

So, start planning your trip. Contact me and let me help you plan your next vacation.

I am looking forward to making your next trip one of a kind years to cherish.

Shalom, Lehitraot (see you) and Goodbye.

Sincerely yours.