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Israeli cuisine is a culinary fusion of traditional Jewish foods from Europe, North Africa and Asia. Israel cuisine is a haven for chefs’ food and superb Mediterranean culinary. Let me just say that Israeli cuisine is a one of a kind placefor food lovers. Israel is known for its great street food, its great breakfast and excellent chefs’ restaurants. If you are visiting Israel and want to try the best Israeli food, here is a list of the most popular Israeli dishes:

Let’s start by exploring the Street Food in Israel. The “street food” is a kind of fast food that is eaten while standing on the street.

Let’s look at some of the most known ‘Street Food”: you can find Falafel stands almost on every street corner in Israel. Falafel is considered to be an Israeli national dish. Hummus: is a meshed chickpea with garlic and lemon. The best way to eat a Hummus is with a pita bread, tahina, hard-boiled egg, falafel, onion and pickles. You can find the best Hummus on a Hummusiya, which is a place that is specializing in different kinds of Hummus. My favorite is a Hummus with mushrooms and chopped onion.

We are heading now to discover the small Mid-Eastern restaurants and their special food. This type of restaurants is called Misada Mizrahit (“Eastern restaurant”). Let’s try the local Shakshuka which is an Israeli dish made of eggs in a tomato sauce, peppers, and onions spiced with local spices. We usually eat Shakshuka for breakfast or lunch.

Our most known salad is an Israeli Salad. When you mix fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers and dress it all with lemon juice, olive oil and salt, you get one of the most delicious salads you have ever tried.

Another great dish you would like to taste is Stuffed vine leaves which are rolled boiled fresh vine grape leaves stuffed with cooked rice, olive oiland peppers. The best stuffed vine leaves you can find in Druze villages across Israel.

Another known dish is a Labaneh which is comprised from a creamy yogurt cheese and olive oil. You can spread the Labneh on a pita bread. You can eat the Labneh with olive oil and zaatar.

For all the meat lovers, you should try a Shawarma which is made of lamb, chicken or turkey. In Israel, Shawarma is popular Israeli street food. The best way to eat a shawarma is with a pita, hummus and Israeli salad.

Our most known drinks: Orange juice – one of the healthiest juices ever is offered at every street stall in Israel. Salesmen at street stalls in Israel simply squeeze fresh fruits just in front of your eyes. Another great drink is a Sahlab. It is made of hot milk and a pudding powder. Most commonly is topped with cinnamon and pistachios.

If you are a food and drink lover Israel is the right place for you. The food options are endless.

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