Shalom and Hello to you all,

I am an Israeli and I would like to share with you who am I and who is the common Israeli.

Israel is home to a widely diverse population from many ethnic, religious, cultural and social backgrounds.

Now let’s start, Israelis are very curious and will ask you a lot of personal questions. Israelis will discusswith you your background at first. This helps you to get to know the person better. Family is also an important topic of conversation. They will feel comfortable discussing salary, mortgage payments or overdraft with a total stranger.

Conversation with a stranger at the bus stop or on the bus or the train or at the doctor’s clinic is quite common.

Israelis love good humor. They laugh a lot. We like mainly political jokes.

Israelis tend to speak quickly and loudly even in confined spaces. This does not mean that they are yelling or annoyed.

Interaction among colleagues is very straightforward, spontaneous, and almost family-like. Israelis call one another, even their superiors, by their first names. The idea is that everyone should feel comfortable.

Israeli and Jewish customs and behavior maybe a little different to what you are used to. Don’t take offense if a man does not shake a woman’s hand.According to Jewish law it is forbidden for any Jewish man to touch a woman – except his own wife.  This law is mostly practiced in religious households only. In the secular community you can greet a close friend by touching their arm or shoulder.

Native-born Israelis call themselves Sabres, which is a cactus fruit that is thorny on the outside but sweet in the inside. Once you get through the outer layer, they are some of the warmest people you’ll ever meet.

Israelis are also well known for their hospitality whether it is in hotels or in their private homes.

So, start planning your trip and get to know the Israelis. Contact me and let me help you plan your next vacation.

I am looking forward to making your next trip one of a kind.

Shalom, Lehitraot (see you) and Goodbye.

Sincerely yours.