Tel Aviv is one of the most known cities in the world: lovely beaches, great museums, superb food and plenty of art all around you.

Some interesting facts about Tel Aviv:

  • The city’s name is composed of 2 words: Aviv – which means springtime; Tel Aviv was built at the spring. The 2nd word is a Tel, which is an archaeological site; The deeper you go the more ancient it becomes.

  • Tel Aviv was the first modern Hebrew city.

  • Tel Aviv’s has the most impressive structures of Bauhaus architecture. There are 4000 buildings, known as the White City and recognized by UNESCO.

  • In 1949, David Ben-Gurion declared Israel’s independence inside Tel Aviv’s Independence Hall.

  • Tel Aviv has the biggest roofed market in Israel – Sarona Market. You can find 91 different shops ranging from French wine bar to Mediterranean food.

  • One of the most unusual experiences in Tel Aviv is the Nalaga’at Center, which means “please touch”. You will dine in a complete darkness and will be served by blind waiters. the Theatre shows performances by visually and hearing-impaired groups.

  • “The City that Never Sleeps”. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is; people are always out.

  • Graffiti in Tel Avivis a cultural part of the of the city.

To get some more info about Jerusalem stay tuned until next time! How about start planning your Tel Aviv’s visit!