Shalom and Hello to you all,

The Shuk is an Israeli Cultural Experience!

No trip to Israel would be complete without visiting at least one “shuk”. This will give you a chance to experience a bit of Israeli culture and to enjoy a taste of the Israeli lifestyle.

The Israeli ‘shuk’ is a great way to spend your day!

Shuks in Israel are prime destinations for value-for money food and fresh produce shopping. Spice up your tour experience through the tastes, flavors, smells and aroma.

  • Use cash instead of credit cards.
  • The best time of day to go is mornings.

  • The busiest time is Friday afternoon.

  • Closed on Saturday (Shabbath).
  • Take a shopping bag with you.
  • Wear comfortable, non-slip shoes.
  • Spend at least 2-3 hours.

Some of the best markets to my opinion (and these are just few of them). Each one of them is unique in a different way:

Mahane Yehuda Market: is a mixture of colors, flavors, sounds and smells. In recent years, Mahane Yehuda became aplace where you can hang out at nights-small bistros and pubs are all around.

You can find fresh fruits and vegetables; baked goods; fish, meat and cheeses; nuts, seeds, and spices; wines and liquors; clothing and shoes; housewares, textiles and Judaica.

You can also find some interesting booths.  There is a man that sells many flavors of halva – some with chocolate, some with pistachios and even bites of dried fruit.  You can choose your own flavor and it will be made especially for you.

Don’t forget to smell the great aroma!

Sarona Market: located in the heart of Tel Aviv as part of a former Templar colony.It is the first culinary center of its kind in Israel and the largest indoor culinary market.

This is the placeto experience Israeli culinary cuisine.

You can find here gourmet foods imported from all over the world.

ou can find as well local productssuch aslocal wines, boutique beer, chocolates and hand-made pastries.

Old Market in Nazarethis a great place to experience a Middle Eastern market culture.

You can find here spices, herbs, local cuisine and shop for the souvenirs. You can find here the best place to taste a Kataif. The market is just a minute away from the Church of Annunciation, the Center of Miriam and Miriam’s well.

On Christmas you can find a unique market that sells all kinds of holiday ornaments and treats.

Old City Market – Akkois just a wonderful place to discover the Middle Eastern goods.

From fresh fish to spices to delicious Arab pastries and desserts, authentic food and end up with one of a kind narghiles’ collections.

More tips will come up soon.

So, start planning your trip. Contact me and let me help you plan your next vacation.

I am looking forward to making your next trip one of a kind.

Shalom, Lehitraot (see you) and Goodbye.

Sincerely yours.