Shalom and Hello to you all,

Israel was established 7 decades ago and started from scratch, it was a brand-new state.

Today Israel is named a startup nation.

Israel is known for its High Technology, Holy sites, diverse scenic trails, lovely beaches, archaeology and much more.

Here are some interesting facts that Israel is known for:

  • The lowest place on Earth is found in Israel- The Dead Sea. It’s the only place on Earth that you can’t sink and can float.
  • Israel’s engineers developed the original cell phone technology.
  • Israel has the largest number of start-ups in the world (after the Silicon Valley in California).The nickname is “The Start Up Nation”.
  • Israel is home to the world’s only theatre company comprised entirely of deaf and blind actors, based in Jaffa.
  • The cherry tomato was invented in Israel by the Agriculture Faculty of the Hebrew University.
  • Israel is the only country to revive an unspoken language, the language of the Bible – Hebrew.
  • Israelis eat more fresh fruit and vegetables than any other people in the world!
  • The USB stick was invented in Israel.
  • The Waze apps was invented in Israel.
  • About 1,000,000 notes are left in the Kotel (Western Wall) each year.
  • Most of the Windows NT operating system was developed by Microsoft-Israel.
  • The glue on Israeli stamps is kosher.
  • Israel is rated one of the happiest countries in the world.
  • Nine Israelis have won the Nobel Prize for achievements in Peace (3), Chemistry (3), Economics (2), and Literature (1).
  • Krav Maga is an intense self-defense approach used by today’s IDF and police force.
  • The holiest site for the people of the Baha’i faith is in the northern city of Akko. Their famous gardens are found in Haifa.

With so much great info, wouldn’t you start planning your next trip to Israel?

So, start planning your trip today.

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Shalom, Lehitraot (see you) and Goodbye.

Sincerely yours.